Hockey hall

Hokejový štadión SPI

Spectators entrance

Employee entrance

Penalty bench



Garage technology



Shooting Zone

NHL field

Technical background

European field

Hokejový štadión SPI




Photovoltaic panels

Multimedia cube

Basic information

The hockey hall is designed with two complete playing fields – one of European dimensions, the other of NHL dimensions.

The main playing area has a comprehensive technical background for organizing international matches, including facilities for television broadcasts. A tribune with a capacity of 3740 seats is associated with this playing area. Spaces for technical training of players with an artificial ice rink are connected to the training hall with a playground of dimensions NHL.

The training head has a viewpoint for parents with a capacity of 188 seats. Both playgrounds are designed to operate separately and simultaneously.

Hockey hall equipment:

Hockey simulation

HDTS HST A230 006 is a comprehensive solution for improving skating technique, special skills but also the development of speed, fitness and dynamic reflective power.

Installed feedback using the HST Monitoring Suite software guarantees analysis of each of your actions and uses artificial intelligence to adjust and help improve the technique.

beeSPORT | Skating Analysis

Automatic and comprehensive analysis of your hockey technique.

The INSTRUCTOR function contains more than 200 videos, which serve as a great tool for training each player

Live Delay is a visual aid that provides a live bond, tracks movements and accelerates the player’s development and training process.